Date of release: September 2015 – Limit removing port recommended

This is a complete episode 2 replacement for DOOM.
It’s a compilation of all my previously released Shores of Hell themed pwads – one of them being a very old level called The Unknown Chasm. The others being from The Wailing Horde, Rip it, Tear it, Smash it! and E2M2 from 2002 A Doom Odyssey. I haven’t just settled on compiling them into one pwad and leaving it at that. Instead each map has been through hours and hours of either adjusting or complete revamping in DoomBuilder to make them stand out as fresh, new maps that will hopefully give players a solid and fun gaming experience – even for those of you, who’ve played these maps before. I’ve been just as serious about this release as all my prior releases and I really hope it shows.

The episode features a new statbar, a stunning palette, awesome midi tracks by some of the community’s finest and a couple of new sounds. I got a lot of constructive critism during open beta playtesting from some really friendly and helpful people to make this one of the most polished wads I’ve ever released! Cheers, guys!
I thoroughly enjoyed putting this episode together and I hope you will enjoy playing it!

Link to /idgames file

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