The Unknown Chasm

Date of release: August 1998 – vanilla/no port req.

The Unknown Chasm is an odd level. It’s an underground city accessed by jumping down into a great rift in the ground. I remember having a pretty clear vision of how this level was meant to look and play like before I opened the editor.

Since this is only my 3rd level I guess it’s allright. The coloring and lighting is a bit on the brown and boring side, but I’m actually still kinda proud that I managed to pull this level off as I was still very new to making levels.

Two other versions actually excist of The Unknown Chasm. Back in 2015 there was a small contest on Doomworld where I revamped this level and turned it into a Doom episode 2 styled thing. I liked that version so much that I revamped it even further and put into Monument.

Link to /idgames file

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