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Here is a list of levels that I have made for various community projects over the years. The download links are for the projects containing my levels – not the levels themselves.

Table of contents:

Realm of chaos 2: The revenge of ’96!

25 years ago in 1996, The Macintosh Team released Realm of Chaos, the first Mac-made megawad. Now, in a rare opportunity, 2 of the original mappers, Steve Duff and Rob Berkowitz, his son, Leo Berahovich, along with a team of veterans and fans of RoC, have combined to create Realm of Chaos 2: The Revenge of ’96! I made 3 levels for the project, all of them massive revamps of either Rob Berkowitz maps (13 and 27) or Lee Szymanski (18).

Not released publicly yet.

2002 A Doom Odyssey

A megawad for The Ultimate Doom replacing all 4 episodes. The project was lead by Paul Corfiatis and also features levels from Krisitan Aro, Joe Pallai, Rory Habich, Sam Woodman, Vick Bobkov and Anthony Soto.

Screenshots courtesy of KMX E XII

Download link: /idgames file

THT: Threnody

This is a community project that I took over as lead from geo on the Doomworld forums. I did a lot of different work on the project and of course I also had to make a few levels. Some of them are my own work – and some co-worked with other authors. Maps 1, 4 and 16 are my own. Map 2 is made in co-operation with joe-ilya and maps 5, 6 and 9 are made by Doomkid, but visually finetuned by me.

Screenshots courtesy of KMX E XII

Download link: /idgames file

TNT: Revilution

This is a megawad that acts as a sequel to Final Doom’s Evilution. It aims to capture the spirit of the original while upgrading the visuals a bit. It’s vanilla compatible, so the levels we made had to keep within the original limits of the Doom engine. I made one level, which is map03 “Access Denied”.

A lot of fine people worked on this project; too many to list here. Check out this page instead.

Download link: /idgames file


This megawad is the brainchild of Robert “Fusion” Babor and Devon “Darkfyre” West. Two immensely talented level designers, who spent years trying to get Hellcore out the door. They approached me at some point asking for help. I revamped map15 for them and had a blast doing it! The level was super cool and all I had to do was to dress it up and finetune it. To this day it’s still one of the best looking maps I’ve made. I also did a bit of work on map06, but those were last minute changes so it never got to receive as much love as map15.

Download link: /idgames file

2022 A Doom Odyssey

20 years after the original 2002 A Doom Odyssey was released we get Paul Corfiatis’ long gestating sequel and tribute to the original. I played a small part in this and delivered a handful of maps that Paul either tuned or revamped. 2022 ADO is a megawad with 5 episodes for The Ultimate Doom with brand new music. Kristian Aro has also returned to join Paul for this grand adventure.

Link to public beta thread on Doomworld (incl. link to download)

Bella 2

Paul Corfiatis is probably the oldest collaborator and friend I have in the community. Through the years we’ve worked together on Doom projects, helped playtest for each other or been in contact in some way. So when Paul asked me if I wanted to make some short and hard maps for his project, I agreed and made 4 levels.

Download link: /idgames file

DOOM 2: Unleashed

Paul Corfiatis decided back in 2010 or 2011 that he wanted to spearhead a community project that consisted of regular DOOM II style levels. I think it consists of 40 levels in total and the list of authors is way too long to list. My contribution consists of smallish level reciding on map33. It’s called “Malle Brok” and uses a midi version of one of my friend’s and his band’s tracks.

Download link: /idgames file

MAYhem 2048 AKA MAYhem2014

If you are a regular visitor of Doomworld you will most likely have heard of the MAYhem megawads. This particular edition forced the authors to keep their levels within a 2048×2048 grid (playing space). It also uses the fantastic Eternal Doom texture set, which I’ve always loved and work with so relatively easy. My map is on map19 and is called “The axe-murderer’s domain” – this of course being related to the nick-name I was given by Steve Duff years ago. I love this level and I’m actually very proud and satisfied with it.

Download link: /idgames file

MAYhem 1500 AKA MAYhem2015

Again, as with MAYhem2014 above, we’re dealing with a megawad here made within a short amount of time on the Doomworld forums by a lot of different authors. The restriction in this version is that every level has to have exactly 1500 linedefs. My map is map12 and is called “Every Which Way but Loose”. It’s a drab, hostile looking map focusing a lot more on gameplay than on good looks.

Download link: /idgames file

Dwango: 21st Anniversary

In the words of Doomkid who led this deathmatch megawad project: “This is a blend of the old and the new – It breathes fresh blood into map themes and layouts heavily inspired by our old favorites (and is definitely not to be taken too seriously!)

My level runs on map20 and is a fairly small cathedral of sorts. No doors, open spaces, a few chokepoints and lots of fun! Deathmatch isn’t what I’m used to making, but this level was really fun to make.

Download link: /idgames file

The 128 kb mapping extravagant “challenge”

Walter confetti over at Doomworld hosted this project where the level designers had to build levels under or equal the file size limitation of 128 kylobites. As he says “Levels are all based from the personal interpretation of episodes names by the various authors that participated to this project.

My contribution is a level for episode 3 named “The trickster’s behest”. It features a lot of trigger effects and sends the player around the same areas multiple times to get the most out of the relatively strict size limitation.

Download link: /idgames file

Dark Scythe

dobu gabu maru over at the Doomworld forums dubed a bunch of us. He lured us with promises of working on a well-known level designer’s scraps, but instead gave us map07 of Doom II. He wanted an april fools sort of megawad consisting only of different versions of map07, so we could do what we wanted with it. I opted for the silly approach for once. It’s not often – if ever – that I try to be funny with my Doom levels. I won’t spoil too much about this level or the megawad in general, but I will say this: Don’t take anything that happens in it too seriously. Have fun!

map10 “Deli Spinner”

Download link: doomworld forum thread

100 Lines

From the text file: “The challenge was to put together the best possible level that meets all 5 of the following criteria: 1. is Boom-compatible; and 2. uses only vanilla textures; and 3. is fun to play; and 4. looks OK; and 5. is constructed with 100 linedefs or less.

My level for this project is probably the most simplistic one I’ve made since I started designing levels back in the 90’s. It was difficult for me to work under these restrictions and it shows. I tried my best, but there’s nothing memorable about my efforts. The theme of my level is akin to my Flay the Obscene maps – hence the name. My level runs of MAP06 and is called “100 shades of flay”.

Download link: /idgames file

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