The Wailing Horde

Date of release: May 2014 – Limit removing port required

An avid Doomer and fan of my “Rip it, Tear it, Smash it!” sent me an e-mail praising that level. It had been years since I had a look at it, so I fired it up and immediately it sparked an urge in me to make a sequel. In the end, though, I decided that it would not use the same name, because in some ways, it is a little different.

First of all, it’s much bigger and much more violent! And if you thought that “Rip it..” had cramped parts and a complex layout, then you haven’t seen anything yet! This level twists and turns and warps in all manner of ways! It’s very non-linear and the replay value is pretty high. Yet the episode 2 style is still very much prominent and there isn’t any fancy Boom features or anything. In fact, you can play this monstrosity in vanilla if can bear to look at a couple of visplane overflows.

I had a great team of testers who also provided me lots of good advice and help. The level features a great midi by Jimmy and I have created a stunning 1024 wide sky that really adds to the atmosphere of the level yet it still remains true to the org. episode 2 sky.

All in all, I am extremely pleased with how this level turned out! I usually take much, much longer to make such a complex and big level, but here, creativity and ideas just kept coming and I think it shows. This level is on a personal top three of my own work. I am very proud of this level and I hope you enjoy it!

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