The Doom Master Wadazine

by Endless & friends

Do you want to discover dark secrets about Doom and his machinations? Or how about reading about the community on the other side of the world? How about a very special guest being interviewed? Come and find out what it’s like to watch this game from modern eyes too! And of course, WADs and WADs and more WADs!

Each time a project full of passion and collaboration from different fascinating members of the community who give their knowledge, skills and gifts to the magazine! Improving not only the overall quality of each aspect, but demonstrating once again that when it comes to Doom, we all share the same gift within this community: Lots of passion.

The first ever issue of the DMW magazine! A place to read about the great, the best, the worst and the exotic of the WAD world.

The second edition of the DMW, a magazine project full of enthusiasm and passion! Now with the support of the community and with its own cover! Enjoy this reading and welcome to Issue #2 of the DMW!

The third edition of this amazing magazine project (third times the charm). A beautiful collaboration growing stronger with the help of the community.

After all the wait, finally, the Doom Master Wadazine team proudly presents the 4th edition of the great Wadazine! Over 11000 words! 40+ Doom pictures! 8 great WAD recommendations! 2 fantastic, in-depth articles!

We now have more contributors than ever, including a permanent badass team of graphic design wizards that completely evolved the Wadazine to the next step! 50+ Doom pictures! WAD recommendations! In-depth Articles! Map author interview!

The sixth edition of the Doom Master Wadazine. Twice as big, twice as good, thrice as Doom. This is also quite the special edition, bringing with it the outstanding quantity of 6 detailed and in-depth articles! With lots of WAD recommendations and various others contributions. This is by far the heaviest issue to date.

The seventh! Yup, issue #7 of the great Doom Master Wadazine, this time coming with the special season of spooky month, Halloween! This community collaboration won’t give up with the cool ideas and great effort; now showcasing a great variety of different content Doom-related with a dose of horror and violence. Just the way I like it.

The time has come. The last edition of the Doom Master Wadazine of the year 2020! With this, we say goodbye to a year that has been catastrophic for our normal lives, but which has driven and probably contributed to the creation of a number of projects as fantastic as they are numerous.

We have survived the special year that was 2020, but not only have we survived, but here in the Doom community we have managed to endure and endure the calamities through community building and good example.

From last year until now, a non-stop work full of passion and love; all for Doom and made for Doom, what we have here is a little grail of history where we express our love for the old magazines, the WADs, the community and this fantastic game.

We hope you enjoy this magazine and all our content in it! Thank you for supporting and reading us, but most of all, thank you for playing Doom! Keep it up. Here you’ll find one of our biggest issues yet, full of amazing WAD recommendations, in-depth and fun to read articles and some other goodies that you might like!

This time we bring you a few interviews as well as a bunch of recommendations. Unfortunately, this month has been a slow one and this magazine won’t have as much content as the previous ones, but we still hope you enjoy it. We have worked hard and have thrown as much effort as passion into this issue. Things get hot but we’re still just as cool!

The Wadazine started as a one-man-journey into the vast world of Doom, but it has now become something much bigger, something else. It’s a testament to a community that’s filled with artists, content creators, intellectuals, mappers, wise-guys, speedrunners, masochist, casual-lovers, retro enthusiast, vanilla addict, ZDoom gurus, code wizards, obsessive writers, prolific jacks-of-all-trades and above all else, Doom lovers.

The masters of Wadazine proudly and demonically present issue #13 of our fantastic magazine! After a bit of a delay due to a tight schedule, the remastering of #1 and a few other projects, we now have the new magazine here, ready for your appreciation. One of our biggest issues ever, full of fantastic themes, articles, reviews, lists and more! Read it now!

Welcome to issue #14 of Doom Master Wadazine, your #1 companion for all things Doom and its demons. In this special edition we bring you probably the most amazing and entertaining content we’ve ever made, with over 100 pages (despite cutting down gallery to avoid size issues). Our biggest issue ever, with over 100 pages of pure Doom content!

That day of the year has arrived. Nope, it’s not your birthday, although it might as well be! It’s Halloween and Wadazine, 2 in 1 for the price of nothing! Scare season is open and we’re ready to entertain you with all sorts of crazy and fantastical exploits in the deep, mysterious and violent world of Doom.

Our designers have worked hard, both in real life and with the Wadazine, to create this edition. A huge, special thanks to Nikoxenos, who worked alone during the design of this edition (don’t worry, 4MaTC, next time it’s your turn! :P). We hope you all enjoy our last edition of the year!

This edition brings a plethora of different articles on a few different fields of this fantastic game. Crossing over the high fields of multiplayer, we bring the 2nd part of the Multiplayer Article, this time with the introduction of the legendary Xenaero. We have a good dose of knowledge for fans of Doom console ports, and so many WADs that you won’t be able to play them in your life. Or maybe you will.

This particular edition brings
a thick plethora of articles that you will surely find interesting and fun to read, and, of course, the usual selection of WAD recommendations that are always a good place to find something to play in your Doomed days.

It is time! A new Wadazine is brought to you by the Wadazine team, proudly designed by the Wadazine slaves, edited by the Wadazine wordsmiths, checked by the Wadazine lords and Wadazined by the Wadazine! Enjoy your Wadazine.

We bring you, as usual, a new issue packed with some fantastical content that’s beautifully designed by our magic wizards. Incredible work ahead, you can now enjoy Doom with the company of the Wadazine!