The Doom Master Wadazine

by Endless & friends

Do you want to discover dark secrets about Doom and his machinations? Or how about reading about the community on the other side of the world? How about a very special guest being interviewed? Come and find out what it’s like to watch this game from modern eyes too! And of course, WADs and WADs and more WADs!

Each time a project full of passion and collaboration from different fascinating members of the community who give their knowledge, skills and gifts to the magazine! Improving not only the overall quality of each aspect, but demonstrating once again that when it comes to Doom, we all share the same gift within this community: Lots of passion.

The first ever issue of the DMW magazine! A place to read about the great, the best, the worst and the exotic of the WAD world.

The second edition of the DMW, a magazine project full of enthusiasm and passion! Now with the support of the community and with its own cover! Enjoy this reading and welcome to Issue #2 of the DMW!

The third edition of this amazing magazine project (third times the charm). A beautiful collaboration growing stronger with the help of the community.

After all the wait, finally, the Doom Master Wadazine team proudly presents the 4th edition of the great Wadazine! Over 11000 words! 40+ Doom pictures! 8 great WAD recommendations! 2 fantastic, in-depth articles!

We now have more contributors than ever, including a permanent badass team of graphic design wizards that completely evolved the Wadazine to the next step! 50+ Doom pictures! WAD recommendations! In-depth Articles! Map author interview!