The Mean Green

Date of release: December 2019 – Boom comp. port req.

It’s been a while since I wrote an actual story to one of my levels instead of just a description. While these 3 levels won’t go down in history as great poetry I do hope however that the community will at least remember them for being fun and highly entertaining. You see, the player is The Mean Green: An intergalactic bully known to be travelling from world to world leaving everything either dead or dying.

The emphasis here is on compressed action and puzzles in a bite sized dose. The levels are short-medium and the gameplay is violent as you plow through lower tier enemies with the shotgun, chaingun or rocket launcher. There are no Revenants or plasma rifles here. Just tons of easy to kill meat!

I enjoyed making these levels and I’ve planned to make more. But until then I hope you will enjoy approx. 45 minutes of rippin’ and tearin’ through these 3 levels!

Link to /idgames file