Flay the Obscene – Compilation

Date of release: March 2001 – limit removing port recommended

As the name implies this is a compilation of my Flay the Obscene maps – except “Flay the Obscene – Reversed” which was released much later. The zip file also includes “Flay the Obscene – Deathmatch” as a standalone level besides the four singleplayer maps.

The levels run on maps 12 to 15 like the original standalone releases. As far as I remember I didn’t change anything in the maps; I just compiled them into on pwad file.

The Flay the Obscene series is recognizable by the many stone and brick textures and marble structures along with an at times unforgiving and rough gameplay. There are many things today that would go back and change to make the maps for fair for the player, but looking back at them, I still feel they represent my best side despite the occasional flaw.

Link to /idgames file