The Revenge of Avind

Date of release: March 1998 – Vanilla/no port req.

This level was made back in 1998 and I still remember many things about its creation. This is my very 1st Doom level made from scratch so everything you see was a first for me. And of course it shows. But it shows promise and it actually playable.

But even though the level is filled with mistakes – and a very annoying amount of backtracking -I still like it very much. I remember having a very clear idea of what I wanted to make and even though DoomCAD screwed me over a number of times and hindered me from completing the plan I still managed to see some of it through.

A couple of years later I thought that I would never make a Doom level again so I set out to remake this level. Or rather, make a level that looked and played like what I had originally planned for The Revenge of Avind. That level is Fait Accompli.

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