Date of release: November 1998 – Vanilla/no port req.

This wad is the sequel to The revenge of Avind, The Blessed Hex and The Unknown Chasm in my Ad Infernos series. It’s a map built upon (or stolen from) from Doom’s E1M9.

I don’t remember much about the making of this level. I must have either been out of ideas or maybe I just really liked E1M9. And I was definitely a fan of Doom II and the GSTONE textures, because there’s plenty of it. This is only my 5th ever map and I think it looks pretty cool still. But then again, it’s based on a freaking John Romero map! I can’t possibly take much credit for this level, so take it for what it basically is: A homage and tribute of sorts.

Link to /idgames file

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