The Aqueous Rise and Fall

Date of release: January 1999 – no port req./vanilla – Final Doom: Plutonia

Looking back at my work there’s a thing that’s always been more or less apparent in my levels: Verticality and to a lesser degree non-linearity. This level has plenty of both and I love it for those reasons.

This level sends you teleporters in different directions in order to find switches that will gradually elevate a pool to give you access to new areas. This is exactly the stuff I’m made of. Puzzles and exploration. While it could have maybe been executed better, I generally like this level a lot and have very fond memories of making it.

I would never have the guts to make a level such as this in 2019 (time of writing) as I’m pretty sure most players will hate it. But I’m super proud that I made it and so much so, that I even made a new version called Rising Blood.

Link to /idgames file

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