UAC Nukage Processing Area

Date of release: March 1999 – Vanilla/no port req. – Final Doom: Plutonia

At the time of making this level I was in awe of what my fellow level designers had done with The Darkening! There was also a fantastic designer who called himself Pixel Rex, which I admired very much. This level is clearly inspired by the above and marks a pretty big leap in my capabilities.

As usual in my older work there is generally a lack of focus on gameplay. It doesn’t suck, but it’s clear that I was concentrating more on trying to make cool looking architecture and setting a mood more than entertaining the player via exciting encounters.

The biggest threat comes from carelessness around all those barrels, I think. There are plenty of monsters in there that will overrun you if you don’t use those barrels to your advantage.

Link to /idgames file

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