CH Retro DM

Date of release: April 2002 – DM – Vanilla/no port req.

I don’t have many deathmatch levels under my belt and neither do I have that much experience playing multiplayer Doom. But nevertheless I had a feeling that E1M4 of CH Retro Episode had some DM potential, so I cut out a section of it and made a DM map out of it.

The map is small to medium sized and have only a few doors and lifts. The rest is open. There are places to hide and the height differences of the map is guaranteed to make you catch opponents by surprise.

The original version had a few bugs in it. Most likely due to the fact that it was difficult to delete parts of a map in DoomCAD – which I used as editor back then. This version is a fixed map where I’ve fixed a missing texture, fixed an unclosed sector and fixed an inescaple pit.