Rising Blood

Date of release: July 2007 – zDoom or GZDoom required

This is a remake of one of my really early levels. I always considered it as my first really good level and I felt that it needed a revival. This level uses a texture pack by Chris Buecheler which I used on my Flay The Obscene Episode 4 (edit: Never released – now a level featured in THT: Threnody instead). It’s full name is “CWB Texture Pack 5 for Doom2“.

The level itself forces the player to use some teleports in one main area to reach other areas to find switches and keys. You will backtrack to some extent, but I have tried to not make it too tedious. The level was intended to be a good mix of action and puzzles wrapped up in good looks! I think this is my first released level that requires a specific sourceport, namely zDoom or gzDoom.

Link to /idgames file