High/Low 4

Date of release: January 2010 – Limit removing port required

High/Low 4 has quite a history. Before becoming a part of this series, it started life way back in 2000 as a Flay The Obscene series level. Then I joined Doom Millenium and it became a part of that. But since that never got released, this level just faided into the lost corners of my harddrive.

It survived until 2010 where it has now been completely revamped and has undergone a lot of changes with new areas, a new route through it and all the textures/flats changed. I have changed so many things that I might as well have built it from scratch 🙂 So, yes, technically it is a bit old, but together with all the changes I have made, then you actually get the best of both worlds and I promise you a cool experience. It’s defintely one of the best looking and most complex maps I’ve ever made!

Link to /idgames file

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