Bloody Realms of Hell

Date of release: November 2013 – Limit removing port required

This map was originally meant to be a replacement for one of the episode 3 maps of the 2002 A Doom Odyssey 10 year anniversary edition. But I was way too slow to build it, so it did not get included. It then lingered on my harddrive for some time, when I decided that it could be included in a complete epsiode 3 replacement which I would try my luck with.

After 2½ maps I ran out of inspiration and ideas. But what little I had made was at least too good to be scratched, so I stitched them together, added a stunning new sky, a new midi track by Paul Corfiatis and tweaked the hell out of it! It’s good map for the casual player, not for those who seek complete blood and carnage. Its not my best work, but I am actually pretty pleased with it despite its complex history. It has been tested with numerous sourceports without noticeable problems. It’s not vanilla compatible, but almost.

Link to /idgames file