C’mon bro, I got tigerblood!

Date of release: June 2013 – Limit removing port required

With this level I had the vision of simply creating a level which is free from clutter and mindless detail. The working title was “No Bullshit”.

So, if there is not really that much detail and it looks like a map I made in 2001, then what is so good about it!? Well, the fun in this level is definitely in the gameplay. There’s a good variety of monsters which attacks you in all kinds of ways. But the real show stealer is in the way you progress!

The level is full of trigger effects so the architecture changes a lot. This gives the player the illusion that he is playing a much bigger level but in reality, the level isn’t that big. He just keeps coming back to the same places which changes as he progress. It’s something I feel is very Doom like and some new level designers forget this while making good looking hallways that is really just a beautiful setting for a boring gameplay. This level tries to be the exact opposite. I’ll let you be the judge if I have succeeded, so download it now and enjoy some good, oldschool Dooming!

Link to /idgames file