High/Low 5

Date of release: July 2013 – limit removing port req.

This map marks the end for the High/Low series. Where the other maps are for Ult. Doom, this map is for Doom II. I originally intented for there to be more Doom II styled maps in the series, but I realised that since I used years on building this one I probably wouldn’t be able to keep that promise. So, instead I searched my memory for what I believe are the most iconic Doom II elements in the entire game and merged it all into one, big and glorious map!

The map is very puzzle-centric and to some degree not very linear. It’s quite big, so explorers might find themselves lost at times. But it’s by no means impossible and I am confident that even players who are not a fan of big levels will find this one very enjoyable. I for one am very proud of this level and it is definitely one of the best I have ever made. Anyway, I’ll let you be the judge of that, so if you are ready then hit download link below! Enjoy.

Link to /idgames file

Review at Digitaleidoscope