Flay the Obscene – Reversed

Date of release: March 2014 – limit removing port req.

This map is a revamp of the original, and first, Flay The Obscene. I made this version for two reasons: 1) To celebrate that the map is 15 years old and 2) It is great map, which was the first noticeable release from me.

Instead of “just” vigourosly revamping the map sector for sector and thing for thing, I wanted to make it even more interesting and fresh: I had the strange idea to reverse the level, so that the player begins in what was originally the exit, and end the level in what was the beginning. There was a lot of challenges because of that, so I had to change a lot of things! So many in fact, that I considder this to be a fourth installment in the series, because this level feels like a brand new adventure!

So, if you’re into classic Doom II gameplay and a pimped up 90’s feel, then you do not want to miss out on this level! It has turned better than I would have thought and I am very, very pleased with the result. And I think you will be too 🙂 Enjoy!

Link to /idgames file