“Slugger” is a level that I created relatively fast in about two weeks. I was working on another and much larger project, but it was starting to bog me down. “Slugger” was a way or an outlet because of that.

This level is relatively short and will be completed in 10-15 minutes. It’s very action packed and full of surprises and traps. I wanted something that wasn’t too realistic but instead have a stronger emphasis and focus on fun and frantic gameplay.

You’ll immediately feel very much at home in this level. It’s got a distinct and very familiar DOOM II atmosphere with all the brown and grey texturing. But it will always wake familiar feelings of days gone past with it’s retro nightsky by Mechadon and moody midi track by Lippeth.

This level needs a BOOM compatible sourceport and runs on MAP01 in DOOM II.

download from /idgames