Hell’s Bane



Welcome to Hell’s Bane – a 25th anniversary anthology for The Ult. Doom. This megawad replaces all 36 levels of the Ult. Doom. You’ll need a Boom compatible sourceport with UMAPINFO support.

Hell’s Bane is a selection of most of my maps for The Ultimate Doom plus a few new ones. Some maps have been thoroughly revamped, some have had minor fixes and everything in between.

Gameplay is decidedly old school and while it isn’t easy it will never go into the impossible or slaughter like territory. There aren’t any fancy features despite it being made for Boom. Most the features are subtle or behind the scenes to spice things up while still looking like the Doom we know and love.

NotMuchNormal did some fantastic artwork for each episode ending and Endless wrote a suitable cliché filled story for me.

If you are familiar with my work, you can find levels from CH Retro Episode, Monument, 2002 ADO and the High/Low series. I have made 4 new skies – one for each episode that resemble the skies from the original game to keep it in the right spirit.

A fantastic team of midi composers such as Lazernaut, Lightningboltforever, MFG38 and wallabra and more spent a lot of time and effort to create an original soundtrack for Hell’s Bane with 36 new tunes, intermission and title songs.

25 years is a long time to be an amateurish level designer and so despite many changes throughout the episodes, you will still see differences in the levels as they span this long period of time. Sometimes the levels have quirky mechanics or strange progression while sometimes they are more modern. Whatever your flavour is I hope you will embrace the fact, that this is an anthology and through and through a love letter and celebration of Doom.

Link to /idgames download