Date of release: May 2003 – Limit removing port recommended

This is without a doubt the biggest level I have ever made. It is huge and very complex. The texture scheme is very depressive and consists only of brown, grey, green and orange textures and flats with a bit of metal thrown in as well.

Gameplay wise you will get slaughtered. It is Slayer like difficult, and Ultra Violence is extremely hard to defeat. Besides the fact that you face a lot of very different monsters, you will also need to be very tactical and position yourself correct during battle. If not, you will die, or fall into an inescapable lava pit. In this level there is no mercy.

It is filled to the rim with hard pumped action and the stunning atmosphere and architecture will keep you entertained all the way through it! It is not your regular level, it is not your average DooM experience, it is Helpyourselfish!

Link to /idgames file

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