The Mean Green 2

No one really knows who you are or where you came from. The stories and rumours are many, but none have ever been proven right. One thing is for sure though; you are known across the stars as the #1 intergalactic bully and terror! Few have met you and lived to tell the story. You travel across the known universe to wreak-havoc upon anyone deemed guilty of… well, being ugly or evil? No one really knows what triggers you or makes you tick. Death and destruction is what you do and you have been dubbed The Mean Green.”

These maps continue where “The Mean Green” left off meaning that they will be a step up in difficulty. They are by no means impossible on Ultra Violence but you will be tested! This time you get bigger guns, but also get to face bigger foes. A mixture of tech and Hell with lots of damaging floors, tricks, traps and nasty monsters!

I recommend that you download “The Mean Green” and load it together with this one. These maps start at MAP04, so a continuous play of both sets would be a cool experience if you never played the first.

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