Bond of Hatred

The demons have trapped you and plan on tormenting your very being in the bowls of their lair. Escape and make it to their leader. Let them see that your will can’t be tamed as you are linked in an everlasting bond of hatred! Getting rid of you won’t be as easy as they thought!

A very typical level from me. Twists and turns and keeps the action going from start to finish! The size is medium to large and the difficulty isn’t too bad. A challenge awaits on UV, but nothing the average player can’t manage. The design is your typical episode 4 affair with lots of gstone, sp_rock, marble and a lovely orange sky.

This has been a fun trip back to episode 4 “Thy Flesh Consumed”, which is my 2nd favourite style after “The Shores of Hell”. There’s just something about those green, brown and orange colors that I can never get enough of! I hope you enjoy playing it!

Link to /idgames file